Break Room Services

Cosmopolitan Catering will take your breakroom services to the next level.

Break Room Services

Cosmopolitan Catering can manage your entire food and beverage program beyond your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. Having access to any snacks, fruit, and beverages your employees might crave through the day, we will keep your shelves stocked and employees full between meals also!

  • From healthy snack dispensers to packaged sweets,
    your employees can have it all.
  • Your employees want more than coffee and soda. Name the beverage and we will put it in your breakroom.
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit deliveries to your office.
  • We offer the widest variety of fresh-made Grab & Go options available. See how our options below can help define you dining program.
  • Fully customizable solutions to meet your needs.
Break Room

grab & go menu

Fresh-Made is the Way to Go!

Upgrade your break room from good to great! Cosmopolitan Catering offers over 200 unique, fresh-made Grab and Go items. From fruit cups, vegetable crudité cups, and yogurt and berry parfaits, to salads, sandwiches, wraps, and microwavable entrees, your employees will have endless choices when in comes to finding something to eat throughout the day. Reach out and let us show you the options you can give your employees.

Fruit is Nature’s Finest Snack!

Fruit-stocked break rooms are becoming more and more common throughout Silicon Valley. Demand for our produce has led Cosmopolitan Catering to develop a program that delivers the highest quality produce that can be offered. We are pleased to be able to leverage our relationships with fresh fruit suppliers to bring to our clients the best seasonal variety in the region. We offer simple packages with varieties of apples, oranges, and bananas to the exotic featuring mangoes, papayas, and kiwis. Contact Cosmopolitan Catering to see how our offerings can enhance you break room.

There is No Need to Manage Your Own Break Room!

Beyond stocking shelves and brewing coffee, Cosmopolitan Catering can build a porter program for your employee breakrooms to maintain all aspects of your snack and beverage program as well as conference room food and beverage needs. We will manage inventory, ordering, receiving, and product variety, all while keeping the break areas neat and tidy. Bring our services to your place of business and take the snack and beverage tasks and burdens away from your team.