who we are

Cosmopolitan Catering has established itself as Silicon Valley's premier full-service catering and café management company.  Working exclusively within the corporate arena, Cosmopolitan Catering has experienced exponential growth by identifying and solving the recurring problems that Silicon Valley companies face when using outdated corporate food-service models.  We have in turn addressed each of our client's needs independently to thereby provide customized solutions.  The corporate food-service landscape is being redefined by Cosmopolitan Catering by way of bringing back the essence of the word "cater".  While our vision and the core of our business model remains consistent, we take a personalized approach when implementing every food-service program we craft, knowing that no two companies will have the same needs.

our vision

Cosmopolitan Catering strives to be recognized for producing delicious, healthy, and socially responsible food through personalized customer service that is second to none.
In every aspect of our operation, we hold ourselves to a standard of service and professionalism that is unmatched. We know that the value of our service as a whole will be compromised by any facet within that is less than exemplary. This starts with a solid foundation and a clear cut mission. Our objective is, and always will be, to align our professional goals with the end-goals of our clients; putting ourselves in a position of not being merely a service provider, but rather, a partner.

unwavering commitment

We understand that food is only one half of food-service. The quality of our customer service is an enormous source of pride.  We set out to distinguish ourselves not only through our accessibility, providing and easy way to communicate information, but also with a hands-on approach allowing us to identify and resolve potential issues and concerns before they become problems.  We seek to remove the burden of managing your food-service program.  Our knowledgeable account managers and experienced management team is available virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From our executive team to our on-site staff, we have a steadfast dedication to providing the best service in not only the food industry, but rather, in any industry.

where we are

Cosmopolitan Catering lives in the heart of Silicon Valley where food in the workplace was born and continues to be defined.  We take pleasure and pride in reshaping the landscape of the industry we love.  Occupying a brand new, 22,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cooking facility, Cosmopolitan Catering built the infrastructure to satisfy all of your catering and café management needs. It is our pleasure to be of service to companies large and small throughout the Bay Area.

our difference

The difference when partnering with Cosmopolitan Catering is in our approach and the standards to which we hold ourselves.  We are a progressive, forward thinking company in every capacity in which we operate.  We are constantly reviewing ourselves, and our business model, asking the question, "Is there a better way?"  We start with a highly talented and capable management team that is dedicated to the concept of achieving pure customer satisfaction.  This extends to more than just food.  We want the standard of excellence for our food to be a given.  Of course the food is delicious!  We want to be more than that.  The core of our business was defined and is executed to succeed, regardless of the product or service being offered.  We want to be recognized for being a trusted consultant, a problem solver, a partner.  We want to be recognized for our consistency, our organization, our creativity, and our courtesy. 

We know that our success is dependent on the satisfaction of the companies we serve.  This is a concept that is reiterated daily within our organization.  This is why we align our own goals with those of our partners.  Our professional goals are only achieved by fulfilling your end-goals.  This becomes our reason for doing everything we do, and an easy explanation for why we have experienced the successes we have.
The expectation we hold ourselves to is unattainable - perfection.  The most common expression you will hear from our management team and service staff when speaking about any particular service is, "Was anything less than perfect?  We ask this question of ourselves in the pursuit of constant improvement to further separate our company, our product, and our service from our competitors.  Perfection is almost impossible to achieve though it is what we reach for on a daily basis.  If we were trying for anything less than perfection, we would not consider it trying.